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Re: CF: RUN+FIRE lock bug

On Oct 12,  3:25pm, John R. Murray wrote:
> Subject: Re:  CF: RUN+FIRE lock bug
> >I've come across the following bug quite often - sometimes when you
> >move focus off the crossfire window then back on again your character
> >suddenly has RUN+FIRE on-something which i've found difficult to switch
> >off (sometimes switching between skills seems to fix it). This is extremely
> >annoying, and if you've got something like a lightning rod activated, 
> >extremely deadly. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix that?

 Not move the mouse out of the window while playing?

 The problem basically comes because for certain keys (run and fire), it keeps
track of the keypress (start firing/running) and key release (stop running/

 If the mouse moves out of the window, and you release the appropriate
key, crossfire doesn't see the release event.

 At least one solution is just pressing the run or fire key and releasing
it while in the crossfire window. (crossfire will see the press and
release events, but the release event is important.)

 I don't know if there is any good fix for this.  I don't think there is
a way to find out all keys being pressed on the keyboard.  I also don't think
there is any good way to find out if the release event happend outside the
window without grabbing keys meant for other programs.

 As a playing issue, changing your window manager to click to focus might
help reduce such problems.

 Actually, just looking, I suppose we can look at the window focus - if
crossfire looses focus, reset the fire and run flags to 0.  On the otherhand,
I sometimes use the run 'feature' - if I am travelling a long way and not
moving very quickly, I will press run + direction and move my mouse out
of the window before releasing, so my character keeps going that way until
I reenter the window.