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Re: making crossfire... :(

[Ian Vitek]

|   I wanna play crossfire-0.92.7 on my solaris 2.5 in openwindows. It
|   seems to compile in gcc.
|   The history so far...
|   Prolog:
|   edit 'crosssite.def' .
|   Chapter1: Where is 'Imake.tmpl' ?
|   'xmkmf /usr/openwin/lib' did it!

You really should set up Imake right, it spares you a lot of hassle
when compiling software for X.

   1. Set the environment variable OPENWINHOME to /usr/openwin.
   2. Locate the MKDIRHIER command in /usr/openwin/lib/config/Project.tmpl
      and remove the "$(BINDIR)".
   3. Edit /usr/openwin/lib/config/site.def to reflect your system.
      You can now define BinDir to be a directory other than

The first step alone will solve most of your problems, including the
linking command. The other steps need root privelege.

Kjetil T.