The last kernel where I had almost no issues with my monitors not
being willing to un-sleep was 5.4.0-4 (Debian testing). I, foolishly,
used autoremove  which removed all kernels older than 5.10.1 or some
such. The newer kernels are really not helping matters.

Some I come to the nub of the problem - - - - - Debian repositories do
not seem to have anything like a 5.4.xx kernel available anymore. The website lists, today anyway, 5.4.100 as not only current
but that the 5.4.xx kernel is a LTS version with support to Dec 2025
(that's definitely a ways out there and only some 3 years past the EOL
of 5.10.x).

Searching for a procedure what I'm finding is most on installing a
newer kernel, say from unstable or even experimental, then there are a
very small number of how tos which are just about downloading
something that is still in the repositories. Last, and in smallest
numbers, are those that suggest compiling this kernel is the 'what to

This kernel downgrading and/or kernel compiling is something I really
haven't even wanted to do and not finding any reasonably current (less
than 3 years old) information has me concerned.

Does anyone have a cheat sheet for this kernel compiling (and
installing) or is there something else that can be done?

Please advise.