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> >> Is this just a curiosity thing? or is there a concern that some devices are acting improperly? I know that many devices check for updates overnight -- and this is not limited to just application updates -- but includes some config file updates. Many ONT/cable modems/etc and even cell phones will periodically pull down a new config for things like routes/towers/limits/etc -- but these should be a relatively small 'spike'. In the case of these sorts of connections, your *best* case is that when you come back from airplane mode these updates are fetched quietly -- or in a worse case, not at all.
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> > This is not so much a curiosity thing as a way to reduce the data
> > slurp by whomever.
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> > If I am working on my computer I expect a certain amount of IP back
> > and forth at the time.
> > I do NOT want any outside IP to be connecting when I am NOT active on
> > my equipment.
> You are more than likely just pushing this usage to a more active time
> by trying to stop it in off hours.

Possibly - - - - I just am tired of all the male bovine excrement that I'm
expected to swallow so other people get rich! and I'm trying to trim the
beastie's tail feathers!

At present by putting the wireless devices on pause for overnight the
usage patterns are not showing any increased usage in 'open' hours.

That's why the wired such are next.