Thanks for the suggestion - I will try it. I THINK I went this route 
once, but since it still doesn't shut off I will make sure to try it again.

On 2/5/20 9:53 AM, eminmn wrote:
> On 2/4/2020 16:48, gregrwm wrote:
>> If I was to install a linux OS on a home laptop again, I think I 
>> would go with Linux Mint or Elementary OS. I have Linux Mint on a 
>> laptop that I use for work when I travel and it is just fine for all 
>> the basics. It boots nicely and I only have a couple of minor 
>> complaints (haven't figured out how to turn off the touchpad via the 
>> function keys or system).
> On Mint 19 go to Menu > Preferences > Mouse and Touchpad then slide 
> 'Enable Touchpad' button to off. This at least works on all Thinkpads 
> I have tried.
> ed
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