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> Shalom
> I haven't used live USBs much so this may be an
> easy question to answer.  I've been running Linux Mint
> from a USB stick.  It works fine, but each time I use it
> I have to get some packages (git, C++ compiler, etc.)
> again.  I get the packages with apt-get install ...
> Is there a way to get the packages to last from one boot
> to the next?  Tia


I did something like this once with Ubuntu.  Instead of using apt (which
grabs the latest packages and its dependencies) I just grabbed the .deb
files that matched the running version of the live OS.  Then I just put
together a shell script to install them in the proper order.  If you want
to update after that you can, but you'll be updating a LOT of packages as a
live distro gets quite stale.

But... why would you?  What's your motivation for running a live system
full time?

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