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> Looking for a job that involves Linux. What does one look for entry level stuff? Anybody have any openings? Don't see the job posting board. Currently doing IMAC/depot level work at the moment. A little about my experience, I have my Linux+ and security+ cert. Don't have much enterprise related Linux experience but I do run it at home on my desktop, and have setup qemu for pci passthrough to play my games in a windows 10 VM. Run a tor relay, and a bitcoin node with a hidden service. Picked up a rpi and used that to install coreboot on my thinkpad. Current projects I'm working on is setting up a mail server jail with freebsd, setup a ovirt host on a micro dell optiplex, then automate installs with chef, puppet, and ansible. I need to pick up a bash or python book and get some scripting under my belt.


I don't think I saw a reply to your post.  Based on your experience,
you might be able to find a position as a junior level admin.  You're
not ready to run an organizations'  *NIX platform on your own, but you
can certainly get some experience from those who do.  I just did a
quick Google search for "Junior Linux administrator twin cities" and
had a few hits.  Here's a search on Indeed:
That turns up a bunch of openings.

LinkedIn is becoming more prevalent in helping you be found by
recruiters.  Yeah, you'll get a lot of junk from recruiters, but you
can start to get a feel for what's out there.  There's good stuff out
there too.  I actually had a recruiter from Pandora (yes THAT Pandora)
reach out to me about a storage admin position.  A tuned up LinkedIn
page can get some decent hits, if you're willing to invest the time
(and put up with the garbage).

Feel free to contact me off list if you have any questions.