I bought myself a refurbished computer that had MS Win10 Pro on a 500
GB drive  and it has NO optical drive, would need to  change the bezel
to add in an optical drive so I'm trying to set up without using my
'normal' install technique.

Had another 1TB drive that I put Debian testing (10) on another
system. Removed from that system and installed into the HP PRODesk (G1
SFF if that makes a difference).

Can't seem to get the bios to recognize the hdd. System is uefi and
the drive was set up using gparted and there is an efi partition.

Any idea on how to kick the  system in the pants so that it will boot
off the hard drive?

(Maybe I need to put SystemRescueDisk on a usb stick and then prod
this and poke that to get things to work?  (I haven't done this before
so a point  to what I would be prodding and poking would help.)

I'm hoping that this is one of those real 'a$$hat' kind of questions.