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> Going off of memory here and it ain't what it used to be but try this,
> When installing first OS, install grub to disk with /boot mounted.
> Then install second OS with grub installed to root partition with /boot
> not mounted.
> Then copy images from second OS's /boot folder to /boot partition and
> copy paste menu stanza from /etc/grub/grub30 to etc/grub/grub30 in
> first OS.
> Don't forget to run grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
> to update the boot menu after adding menu stanza above.
> Or thinking about it reverse the order of installs above and grub will
> probably find the other OS on its own.

Thank you - - - - I do  believe that I have some work to do.

Will likely take me a few days to try the solution (too many things happening!).