> We need to be careful with terminology here. What i was meaning is
> that the DHCP server gives out the same IP address every time to the
> same client. You configure the DHCP server with the clients MAC
> address and the IP address you want it to have.
> So this is not a static address, but a fixed address.

I will mention this for those who have not experienced it. I use a Linksys as
a "bridge" from my 1st level office to the wireless access point that is in
the attic. The thing acting as a bridge has 4 RJ45s, which connect various
wired (ethernet) devices to the upstairs access point (router), which does
the DHCP. Because of the linksys acting as a bridge, one cannot rely on the
MAC address seen by the access point to assign static addresses (it only
sees one MAC address, the WAN-side of the bridge). I am not sure of all the
intrinsics, but this is what happens with my setup. It does not adversely
affect the operation of those devices, so I do not care to find a better
solution. I thought I'd share.