I'm not sure Jim Hall is still in Minnesota, but he says his FreeDos 
will run on DOS emulators for Linux, in virtual windows. They are 
working on FreeDos 1.3 right now and warn it might be a little different 
than old MSDOS. Version 1.2 is lots of fun learning how an embedded 
system might be modeled even today. The IBM PC was a design masterpiece.

There is also just such an embedded Linux working group referred to by 
Intel when I looked into the Intel Edison embedded systems. But IIRC 
Edison is now kaput, too. I wouldn't dare advise you.

This is certainly front lines high priority technology. Best of luck.

Iznogoud wrote:
> What I am looking for is as specific and detailed information as possible on
> how to go about building a functional Linux OS derived from an existing
> distribution that will run on an embedded system (say an ARM product).
> Lots of related info is here:
> https://elinux.org/
> https://elinux.org/Boot_Time
> I am interested in the high-level ideas nad philosophy of booting embedded
> systems, and on the details that follow.
> The web is cluttered, so I figured I'd ask here. Thanks.
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