> > from what i read now i should have used mdadm --grow.  but i enlarged the
> > partitions.  then neither grub nor linux could find the array.  the
> > enlarged partitions were fine but the raid1 array had vanished.
> I see you generally insist on playing the dangerous game of learning on
> "production" setups, as in, you try your experiments on hardware with data
> that you care about.

you make unkind assumptions.  the box at issue already failed.  spurious
reboots.  all data was both fully backed up and migrated to working servers
as a matter of standard op procedure.  i'm about trying to diagnose it.  i
wanted to create a diagnostics partition so the manufacturer diagnostics
could write a progress log that was fetchable even after a spurious
reboot.  if the box died further it would be no real loss, but for both my
convenience and learning i tried to do what was needed without killing the
OS, and succeeded.
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