Heh, you don't even need a live CD, just interrupt grub, edit boot line and
add init=/bin/bash and boot from there.

This is not a bug, and here is how you can prevent it from being exploited

1. Full disk encryption, which is usually sufficient on its own but the
next two are good too.
2. Grub password to disallow changing boot parameters
3. Bios password to disallow changing boot order
4. If fde is not an option then at least use dmcrypt, encfs or ecryptfs

On Sep 13, 2017 11:46, "Rick Engebretson" <eng at pinenet.com> wrote:

> As I play around backing up, upgrading, and what-not, I use
> not-so-hotswappable hard disk drives. Sometimes I goof up and have a bad
> /etc/fstab file and the system will hang at boot. In older distros there
> were some instructions to boot to root and use "mc" to edit /etc/fstab.
> This newer opensuse distro had me stumped how to just get the filesystem
> going.
> So I tried the Fedora Live DVD and booted to DVD, mounted the boot hard
> drive in KDE "dolphin" file manager, opened the KDE editor "kwrite," edited
> and saved the system file /etc/fstab, and rebooted the opensuse hard drive
> smooth as silk.
> I might be wrong, but these Linux Live DVDs seem to open a giant security
> hole.
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