> Are you on that alleged list the email was sent from?


> Go to gmail and get as much info as you can about logins. Get the raw
> headers
> of the spam messages in the sent folder and trace the IPs to something you
> know. Basically, make sure nobody is trying to send email as you because
> they
> have your credentials. A properly configured email server should never
> allow
> that email to come out of your account.

yes the spammer is sending mail with one of my addresses in From:.  no i
don't think they have my credentials, so i don't think it's coming out of
my account

> You need to inspect the headers of the sent messages further. The problem
> is
> likely on your end, which is where you are correctly looking.

yes i inspected carefully.  not much info in headers from which to draw
conclusions, tho the spf-fail seems to verify they don't have my credentials
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