On Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 04:03:05PM -0500, kelly wrote:
> Is it being rebuilt, causing higher IO?:  

Negative. The 'cat /proc/mdstat' would indicate that and show a progress
bar in ASCII form looking like this: [=====>---------] 40%

It can only rebuild one from the other at RAID1. I do not know if an
improper shutdown completely trashes the container's components. It certainly
will if the components are "partitions" that are actual files (not hte case
here). RAID mostly protects from individual drive failures, not improper

Need verbose logs as stated here:
"dmesg" for sure. It also says to not panic... But I would if I were you.

If you have spare drives, boot from a standalone installation disk and
rip the entire drives to backups with dd. It will take some time, but you
can go back to the "broken" MD container components if things go really wrong.
Expensive proposition but worth the trouble if the data are critical to you.

There was a memory issue with mdadm a while ago but unrelated:
Bugs are unlikely.

My googling did not return anything too useful.