In another thread I wrote:

> I've installed PCBSD successfully on two machines, but
> I'm having trouble installing it on a third machine.
> My boot menu lists my flash drive under both UEFI and
> Legacy Boot Sources.  I've tried both. When I try UEFI.
> it comes back with:

I wound up burning a dvd and installing from it because
installing from a flash drive wasn't working.

The install finished, but when I boot the machine it hangs with:

wlan0: Ethernet address:  ...
ral0: need multicast update callback
ral0: need multicast update callback

This thread is the closest thing I could find:

I opened up my case, but didn't see a wifi card.  I guess
it's part of the motherboard.  I'm not sure how to proceed.
The machine is two or three years old.  Ideas?  Thanks.

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