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> I don't blame them for protecting their content - I used to record PHC via
> my Radio Shark 2 about 6 years ago, along with a bunch of other NPR shows
> before Podcasts became the big grand idea.
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> Ryan

I used to have a D-Link USB-R100 turner hooked up to a Linux box. The
USB-R100 was a USB controlled radio tuner with an audio output that plugged
into your computers audio in. There was a nice command line program that
would simply tune to whatever frequency you input.

My roommate at the time used one to stream radio to his office which was
two or three floors underground. Not having a radio reception problem
myself, I had an elaborate set of cron jobs and related workflows that
would record various radio programs on multiple channels, create mp3s, drop
them in a directory, and sync to my mp3 player. Laster the synced directory
was replaced with a RSS feed that turned the recordings into podcasts.
Eventually everything I wanted to listen to had a podcast.

The D-Link USB-R100 is tucked away with all the other obsolete but this
could be useful some day maybe gear now.

Andrew Zbikowski
The Evil League of Evil is watching so beware.
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