This is an old thread, but I wanted to post an update in case anyone else
comes across a similar problem.

I don't think it was interference or a heavy netowork load anymore. I think
sometimes either wifi drivers or the hardware itself get in a funny state.
If I remove the wifi modules and then modprobe them again WiFi starts
working great.

Whenever I have network problems at the UMN now I sudo su to root, then run:

rmmod iwldvm iwlwifi; sleep 1; modprobe iwlwifi

As soon as I reconnect I can use the internet as expected.

I think it has something to do with suspend. When I close my laptop it
suspends. When it wakes up, there's about a 75% chance that I'll have to do
the rmmod/modprobe thing to get connected again.

Michael Moore

On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 7:30 PM, Michael Moore <stuporglue at> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I installed Debian over the summer, replacing a Ubuntu install and now
> that I'm back at school can't get on the Wifi under Linux. It works fine
> under Windows.
> UMN has 3 WiFi networks:
> UMN Public
> UMN Secure
> I have the same symptoms under all 3. I can connect to the network, I am
> given an IP address and DNS servers, but I can't access anything. I tried
> adding my own DNS server, but the results were the same. I was assigned an
> IPv6 address and an IPv4 address, so I disabled IPv6 and the results were
> the same.
> When connected simple commands like "dig", ping and traceroute
> all fail.
> UMN and UMN Public both have a click-through hotspot page where you enter
> your un/password (for UMN) or enter a contact email address (UMN Public).
> That hotspot page DOES come up, but submitting it results in a spinning
> browser tab.
> The UMN Secure page uses a PEAP authentication with a certificate. I set
> it up following these instructions (
> and it is able to
> connect successfully (IP address is assigned), but I get the same internet
> access issues.
> Any suggestions on things to try or instructions on how to debug this
> would be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Michael Moore

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