Hello John I am wondering if anything there may have a pci express graphics card with hdmi ability. Also I would love to pick up 2 sticks of ddr1 sdram 333 or 400 mhz. Please let me know if there is an ability to but a core2 duo computer with the case. I will pay you. Thank you.

Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 15:20:19 -0500
From: john.meier at gmail.com
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Subject: [tclug-list] OT: Computer items - Any offers?

I'm doing a life cleaning.  I have a bunch of computer related items that need a good home.  I wouldn't mind some cash - but far too lazy to figure prices.  I'll take offers on any of the stuff pictured here: 

$0 is also an offer ;)

There's more to come - mostly stereo/directv stuff.  I do have a touch screen "juke box" based on XP around here somewhere and there should be a box of hard drives/cdrom drives and floppy drives laying around - more pix/posting coming soon.

P.S.SI'm in Bloomington near the 494 and the 169

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