I'm not sure if there are any genealogists on here, but I'd like to toot my
own horn for a moment.

Over the summer I wrote TreeTrumpet, some Open Source genealogy software.

TL:DR: Demo -- http://treetrumpet.com/demo/ , Code --

TreeTrumpet is meant to be extremely simple to use and search-engine
friendly. There's no database setup and no required config files.

To install it you simply upload the code and upload a GEDCOM* file. The
site parses the GEDCOM file to create the pages as they're requested.

It features a pedigree-tree view, a map of where ancestors lived, a
sortable/filterable table of the ancestors and individual pages for each
ancestor and family. There's also a contact form, a link to download the
GEDCOM file. The site generates a sitemap.xml file and pings Google and
Bing when the GEDCOM file is updated.

Anyways, if anyone is interested, check it out. I'm open to suggestions,
criticisms, complaints, bug reports, bug fixes, etc.

Michael Moore

* GEDCOM is a text-based genealogy database format. It's something like
CSV. Like CSV it's not the best format to store most data, but it is the
lowest common denominator and almost any genealogy program can export a
GEDCOM file.
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