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> One of the benefits of the 16 byte address was to remove the dependence
> on hierarchy.? With the 4 byte address there is partitioning of the
> between countries, RIRs, service providers, companies, networks, sites,
> and finally resolving to a node.? By adding to the address space it
> for "mobile" ip addresses.? The same ip address at work also works at
> home regardless of who or what the ISP is.

Microsoft says:
"Unlike the current IPv4-based Internet, which has a mixture of both flat
hierarchical routing, the IPv6-based Internet has been designed from its
foundation to support efficient, hierarchical addressing and routing."

8 byte addresses would provide for more than 4 billion addresses for
each IPv4 address.

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If you are in the latter camp, I hope on election day you will
join the "Thy will be done" camp, and vote yes on the marriage
amendment.  Children deserve to have a father and a mother.

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