From: Jima

>  What have you done with or for IPv6?

A week or so of IPv6 programming in the code here --

>  No, 64-bit host addresses wouldn't "make more sense."  If you're
> thinking of the IPv6 address space as 128-bit host addresses, you're
> doing it wrong.  Think of it as 64-bit network addresses, each with an
> irrelevant number of hosts.  The lower 64 bits were engineered for
> autoconfiguration, and can be ignored for 90+% of scalability discussions.

An IPv6 packet header has the source and destination addresses -- both
16 bytes.  The header is 40 bytes total.  If the addresses were 8 bytes
the header would be 24 bytes.   I'm not sure what you mean by ignoring the
lower 64 bits in scalability discussions.

Brian Wood
Ebenezer Enterprises
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