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> Subject: [tclug-list] Wifi at Hennepin County Library (Edina)
> Hi everyone,
> Wondering if anyone else has had a problem connecting to Wifi
> at a Hennepin County library. I was at the Edina branch
> today, and I was not able to connect -- I could see a lot of
> available access points, but my machine continuously failed
> to get an IP address.

Normally, I must get the wifi card to "connect" (ie, grab RF signal
carrier), and then open a browser so I can say OK to yheir intended usage
After that, IP assigned and it's open... But not until.   The systems are
never "wide open", in my experience.  Most of my experience is at the York
library in Edina.  Haven't tried after hours in several years, but
previously it was the same 24/7 when I tried.