I am looking for someone that has experience with Google Android and or 
someone with experience with Linux on other embedded devices.  Did you 
load Linux on your PDA ? on your pictures frame ?

Are you a Linux embedded developer, or Linux embedded hacker ?

There has been interest in these topics at the Penguins Unbound User 
Group.  But I don't have recent experience with these, and don't have 
access to a Google phone :(

If you have experience in these topics and would be will to come speak 
that would be greatly appreciated.  You don't need to do a whole 
presentation, I am hoping to have a few different people talk about 
Linux on a few different embedded devices.  So if you could just show 
up, tell a little about the project, and then answer questions that 
would be great.  I would be more than happy to help any one out that 
need help putting together notes, I would even be willing to talk for 
you as long as you could answers questions.