Hi All,

We're clearing out the old gear pile at the office and I have a few
items I hate to just throw away. Soo - if anyone is interested let me
know and you can have it.

Cisco 2511 router w/16 serial ports and cables - so you end up with 16
rj45 serial port (male)
Cisco 2620 w/4t1-ima quad T1 atm card
Adtran Atlas 800 - 6 t1 ports
2 56K csu/dsu
2 intel 8100 t1 routers
a few hubs / switches which have a bad port or two but still work
1 2U rack mount dual P3 1.??G server with scsi raid and drives that I
think work - it's been on the shelf for a few years so I'm not sure.

All fun stuff for learning cisco IOS or I'm not sure what.  The junk guy
is coming next Thursday - so it has to be gone by then.



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