On Tue, 5 May 2009, Mike Miller wrote:

> I mostly work from an IceWM session within Xvnc, but I also run Gnome on 
> the same machine.  I accidentally logged out of Gnome when I meant to 
> click "lock screen" and it did not prompt with a dialog box -- it just 
> killed every window and restarted.  Is that abnormal behavior?  I think 
> it should prompt.
> Anyway, the big issue is that IceWM is no longer working in Xvnc.  It is 
> completely frozen.  I can see from "ps" that all the processes are 
> running -- dozens of them -- but I don't know how to get at them.

It looks like logging out of Gnome somehow killed all of these processes 
used by IceWM:


Anyway, I'm sure I'm screwed.  So now that I might as well try the Ubuntu 
upgrade to 9.04 in the office.  Why not?  I did it at home and it was very 
smooth and easy.

I just did a test by logging out of Gnome with a new IceWM session running 
in a new VNC session.  No problem.

There definitely was something pathological about the earlier Gnome log 
out.  It went to a console prompt for a while.  I think it was a total 
restart of X, probably because of updates.  I assume restarting X will 
kill IceWM.  Something to watch out for in the future!!