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Exactly. If you need servers up you have to go with a dual power circuit
set up.  I have a full rack at Visi with dual power and dual uplinks and
have never experienced a single issue for over 2 years - even during
there planned outages.

You get what you pay for.  If it is critical, you must pay for the
architecture that will guarantee that.

Nate Carlson wrote:
> Ditto.. my response to that was to get a second circuit installed from a 
> different PDU, and go to equipment with dual power supplies. The stuff 
> that was on a single power supply got moved to an ATS.
> Moral of the story: all data centers will have occasional power outages, 
> but if they are built out properly (completely isolated gensets, UPS's, 
> and PDU's), buy a circuit off each independent power supply, and the 
> chances of a power outage are extremely low. Of course, there are always 
> situations like the fire marshall ordering power off due to a gas leak, 
> etc, but that's exceptionally rare.
> On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, Eric F Crist wrote:
>> Yes, and they had a similar power outage a year ago this past March. We 
>> didn't lose any drives during that outage, but half their entire data 
>> center was without power.  This was one of the notices sent by Bil 
>> MacLeslie (ipHouse CEO):
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