On 11/24/05, Brian Wall <kc0iog at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've chosen Reiser as my file system for the volume.  It seems to run
> well.  Changing the FS is a simple procedure, especially since this
> box isn't production yet.  I'll keep researching the various file
> systems and try to determine what's best.

You might consider using the noatime and notail options for reiserfs. 
noatime should speed read access up since the access time dosnt need
to be updated.  Some claim the notail option speeds things up at the
expense of some loss in storage efficency, but Ive never benchmarked
it to know for sure.  A true nolog option would surely improve
performance, but I dont think its really implemented yet.  Check the
mount options: http://www.namesys.com/mount-options.html

Jay Kline