I have had a system crash ... it has two hard drives ... hdb crashed in a serious way.  There were an 80 GB then 120 GB drive ... the larger of the two has crashed.

I am trying to recover anything that is on the 80GB drive ... hda1 and hda2.  hda1 is the boot sector - it shows up fine with Knoppix.  But hda2, which is part of the LVM (grrrr) ... is the one I am having troubles with.

Fedora Core 3 is what I have installed.  I have downloaded the recover CD for FC3, but I am guessing I am not smart enough to make it work.  Seems like I should be able to mount just the first part of the LVM and see what it has.

Suggestions?  Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


p.s.  I have tried Knoppix, in the process of getting Gentoo Live, ... do any of these live CDs come with vgscan, etc.?  All of the online info requires me to use these commands, but no such luck in finding them on these live cds.

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