On 11/14/05, Gerry <gsker at comcast.net> wrote:
> I have SUSE 10 installed on a Dell GX260. I also boot to WindowsXP.
> After the latest "windows update" happened (malicious software removal)
> the
> machine booted to briefly display "stage 1.5" and then rebooted again
> (over
> and over...)
> Booting the SUSE CD 1 and repairing the boot loader fixes it, but the next
> time I boot to XP (time to quit doing that, eh?) it wipes it out again.
> The exact same thing happened to my coworker with the same setup (but on a
> GX270). I'm unable to figure out what gets run nor why it happens over and
> over. No hints on google.
> Has anyone else been seeing this?

I just told it to not change the boot loader, and it seemed to be okay.
Might want to look in your preferences and see if you can tell it to ignore
the changes on the bootsector.


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