On 11/11/05, Nate Carlson <tclug at natecarlson.com> wrote:

> System integrators always overcharge for memory.. I'd recommend buying the
> extra memory from Crucial. Only problem is that if the vendor blames a
> problem on the memory, you'll have to pull the Crucial out and say "see,
> it's still broken"..

Ironic.  Most integrators will give you Micron memory which, surprise,
is the same identical stick that Crucial will sell you.  *Insert plug
for Micron, best friggin memory on the planet, and the cheapest place
to buy it is Crucial*

Addressing the original poster, HPaq or Dell.  If it suits you,
consider leasing.  Most vendors will give you a 5 year lease.  The
break even point is about 4.5 years so if you unload the server before
4 years, you get by cheaper and stay current on the hardware.