I, and a large number of other people I know, have had a lot of good luck 
with General Nanosystems:

Note that all of the good reports I've heard were from people who actually 
wandered into their University Ave. location.  I know some people who've 
had some bad experiences with them as a pure mail operation.  So I'd 
recommend them if you're local, not so much if you're not.

On Fri, 11 Nov 2005, Dan Armbrust wrote:

> Josh Welch wrote:
>> I was just pricing out Opteron servers on Sun's website, seemed pretty 
>> comparable in pricing to Dell. Am I missing something?
> I was trying to quote a machine out with 16 GB of ram, and Sun's price went 
> into the 20K plus range - that was when I stopped looking there. Maybe I 
> missed something.
> Dell and HP were both more comparable to Penguins price until I pushed the 
> memory requirements way up.  Then Penguin came out on top (by a good 50%)
> Dan
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