by way of a small aside.  some usb to serial adapters don't support  
sending a hardware break.  i've used the keyspan[1] adapters with  
considerable happiness and the assurance that they appropriately  
support a h/w break.

i travel a lot for work and constantly evaluate the stuff that i  
schlep around in my bag. the keyspan is a little bit bigger than a  
lot of the other ones that you'll run across out there but it's rock  
solid.  well worth the tradeoff in weight you might make to lug it  
around. :)

On Nov 2, 2005, at 7:09 AM, Harv Nelson wrote:

> Good Morning,
> Has anyone used a USB to DB9 serial converter?  This model or similar
> Is there any other (cheaper!) you'd care to recommend. Are any  
> special drivers or modules required?  Is "Hotplug" sufficient?


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