On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, James Spinti wrote:

> A friend forwarded this to me, thought some of you could use it.  It 
> details the ways that XP ties you to MS.

Lots of good info.  I believe all these points are accurate, both from
dissecting the XP license and monitoring it with tcpdump.  Keep in mind,
though, that some points are just dirty laundry statements against MS,
such as the registry being a single point of failure (a thorn in my side
since 95 rolled around.  I'll take files neatly placed in /etc/ any day
over that $#@%$##%#'n registry).

What I'm wondering about is does this affect WinXP corporate edition as
well?  In the past, calling a number @ Microsoft and giving them all your
business info could get you a *wink wink nudge nudge* key number that gave
you enhanced functionality and a less restrictive license.  Of course if
you gave that out, they'd personally come to your office and tell you
where you're going today, but it helped us get around the silly activation
crap in Office XP.  One legit key number to install X number of licenses,
I'll take that!