On Tuesday 03 December 2002 11:02 pm, Shawn Fertch wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Dec 2002 21:21:43 -0600
> "Randy Clarksean" <rclark at lakesplus.com> wrote:
> > Has anybody out there implemented such a package?  I am guessing
> > someone has something like this so I thought I would ask the
> > "expertise" of this group before searching for days.
> Haven't played much with it, but it's a quick CGI script that you can use
> .htaccess on.  It's called "My Calendar" which can be found at: 
> http://www.fuzzymonkey.org/newfuzzy/software/perl/

Its some decent software..   Its *really* simple, though. There is only one 
access level, so if you give someone access to modify your schedule, they can 
modify anything. It was more or less intended for one person modify, 
muti-person viewing. 

> Not sure if that's quite what you're looking for.  One of our own lugger's
> helped with the coding.

Heh,  it was one of those side projects I worked on a while ago..   If you use 
it, and make any changes to it (its just perl) let me or Mike (fuzzymonkey) 
know and we will more than likely incorporate the changes.


Jay Kline