On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Randy Clarksean wrote:

> Ok ... I am looking for SIMPLE suggestions on what software there is out there that I could put on my Linux RH7.2 server (DSL connection) to be used for a calendar type program.  The goal is to let a few groups of people access my "calendar," schedule meetings, check to see if I am busy, etc. all by just accessing the server.  They all would be coming in over the web.  I do not want to create a security nightmare by any means either.  I want something that will simplify my life a bit and I do not want to reinvent the wheel.
> Has anybody out there implemented such a package?  I am guessing someone has something like this so I thought I would ask the "expertise" of this group before searching for days.

Any of the iCal based calendaring software can do this, especially with
Mozilla Calendar that you can subscribe to internet-available calendars
with. Check the projects page from mozilla.org.

Daniel Taylor
dante at plethora.net
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