I just set up a server machine with Mandrake 9.0, and I'm pretty used to
Mandrake by now.  I actually set up this server without X.  For most of
the installs of Mandrake I've done in the past I simply removed the link
to msec in the /etc/cron.* folders.  But as I'm hoping to use this as a
real server (with people accessing it other than me), there's quite a
few things I know it does that I'd like to keep (and quite a lot more
that I'm unaware of).  I was wondering if anyone here has any experience
configuring it, or has links to some good HOWTOs or other info.  My
specific problem now is I do a lot of remote access (ssh) and msec keeps
changing the hosts.deny file to deny all access.  If anyone can help
with that, that would work too.

Thanks a ton everyone.  
Chris Frederick

p.s.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'd like to add that this group has
helped me out a lot.  This is a great community and I hope someday I can
repay the knowledge and help I've received to some other future
LUGites.  thx all
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